Freelance GP, small business owner and flexi schooling Mum, Jo has travelled extensively with her husband Davey, world schooling their young family when they are away from their home in Wales.


Jo, along with her great friend and co founder Polly Crook, have created a UK first with an online digital membership  aged 11-16 yrs old The HOW People

Jo uses her skills from over 20 years in medicine, over 10 years learning business from the grassroots up plus having 4 children of her own within her coaching sessions. She is passionate about helping others navigate their own path and giving them the tools and practical advice to do this.


Areas of interest: Online education, Digital membership sites, young women career advice mentoring aged 16+, online home educators, homeschooling, house swapping, community, medical parenting, medics growing their side projects and changes in medical careers

How Jo can help you? I want to know WHAT you want to know. HOW I can help. FILL IN THIS FORM and tell me so I can deliver something that you need, want and that WILL help you




**Why Bendylegs?**

That was how the journey from medicine into business began. Making granola from the kitchen at home. Award winning Bendylegs Granola. The granola isn't part of our lives anymore (and is still the tastiest every made) but the name just stuck 




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Bendylegs Travels 


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