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1% better parenting


Let’s just get it out there. It is tough.

It has twists and turns like no other road in life.

The highs and the lows are bigger than the highest mountain climb and there is NO instruction manual.

When we have our babies we gather and grow a support network.

Baby groups, playgroups, surrounding ourselves with other people doing what we are doing. Supporting and nurturing ourselves through this new time, safe in the knowledge that everyone else has hard times too.

Then that all stops. Life gets in the way and we muddle along knowing everyone else has struggles too but not really looking to talk about it.

This is our first full day dedicated to parents. LINK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS

Our membership parents told us that they need this.

So, we provided it.

The HOW People are there for our teens. The HOW Inspire membership is for teen girls 11-16 yrs all over the world to connect, learn and be inspired.

Every teen girl comes with parents or guardians.

Those that are given the honour and vital job of guiding them and shaping their lives. Carers, parents, aunties, grandparents, teachers, coaches, mentors.

What have you got to loose?

You might learn one pearl of wisdom. One priceless piece of advice.

We should work at being a slightly better parent every day. One of our favourite rules in HOW HQ is the 1% rule. Be 1% better everyday. 1% more is enough.

If we worked on our parenting by 1% every day then that is a pretty good change over time.

20th April Tuesday. We kick off at 7am and finish at 9pm.

Tickets are FREE to register and pop in and out on the day or upgrade for £9 to recorded content or only £27 for full recordings PLUS access for your daughter to attend our signature membership programme, HOW Inspire for two weeks (22nd and 29th April) where we are chating with a Marine Biologist and looking at Visual Story telling and photography with climber and adventurer, Mikaela Toczek, plus a free prize draw.

30% off with code JUSTPRETTYAWESOME because as parents, you are just that.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Jo and Polly The HOW People @thehowpeople

PS. Full details HERE of free, £9 recorded and VIP ticket options

PPS. To help us along we have written a Teen Parenting Manifesto with our psychotherapist Jo Williams.

Something to pull ideas from. Ideas of areas that need some improvement, areas that a tweak here and there with our parenting communication might help.

Join us in our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP every day in April around 5pm when we will share a video of a piece of advice from our manifesto.

PPPS. The HOW Inspire membership will be open for new members from 20th April to 5th May. VIP tickets above give you access to the call on 22nd and 29th April at 7pm to see what it is all about.

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