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Covid Uncertainty for Teens

So many questions.

So much uncertainty in all of our lives at the moment.

Uncertainty is hard for us all to deal with but, it is especially tough for young people.

No exams, varying parental boundaries, limited summer job options, some schools going back, others not, school life altering when we they do go back, University life looking different...

Professor Ann John from Swansea University speaks to Dr Jo Watkins from The HOW People. She helps by giving some tips, tricks, links and a bit of structure to deal with the uncertainty that lies ahead for us all.

Dealing with uncertainty


Write a list of things that help you.

Things that make you happy and make you feel good.

This list will look different for us all.

  • reading a book

  • a certain playlist

  • going for a walk

  • sitting on the beach

  • visiting a favourite view point

  • playing with the dog

  • making a Tik Tok

  • baking a cake

  • doing a drawing

  • writing a song

  • phoning a good friend

  • having a bath

When you are feeling really anxious about something then go to the LIST.

Choose something from your list and do that to try and bring your anxiety level down.

Dealing with Covid Uncertainty

  • If you are worried about school remember everyone is in the same boat.

  • The schools are working really hard to make things safe for your return.

  • It will be small numbers of pupils and a time for everyone to readjust.

  • Try to stay calm.

  • If you don’t feel calm go to your list.

  • Ask other people

  • Look for information (see above sources)

  • WASH your hands

  • DON’t touch your face

  • Remember we are ALL in different situations at home and under different pressures

  • Be tolerant of others

DON'T scroll your instagram newsfeed.

Get reliable information from accredited sources.

Watch Newsround rather than adult news: it is well explained and detailed enough

Online support groups with chat options if want to talk to someone other than your parents

Thanks to Prof Ann John @ProfAnnJohn for taking the time to talk to us!

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