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Life is a roller coaster

Do you ever worry about the world our kids are growing up in?

The pressures on our girls (and boys) particularly from newer external sources like social media, snap chat groups and school.

Life is a total roller coaster at the best of times, right? We just muddle along helping where we can, and hope that our daughters (and sons) will come out the other side having found and listened to the right role models... or have found something they love, to help them grow and enjoy a healthy and happy life ahead. 

Finding mentors, guides, friends, and people you trust to try and help you navigate life is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your children. 

The pressures on teachers to deliver within the curriculum to tick boxes, and pass exams has just multiplied. It is less about the holistic approach, and life skills and ALL about exams.  We will help your teen learn the value of things teachers wish they could still teach them, with a focus on collaboration. teamwork, mental and physical wellbeing and the environment.

As part of The HOW Membership teens will hear from role models from various walks of life and careers. Learning their top tips and how to look after yourself and grow as a person, are not in the exam categories and best learnt from others. These are some of the most valuable life lessons you can learn.

Jo has four children. Two boys, and two girls. Her eldest daughter is 13 year old (Also called Polly AKA Mini Pol), and Polly (AKA Big Pol) has two children. One boy, one girl who is nearly 2.

We have both navigated the last few years with mini Polly, and have seen the way the world opens up all sorts of positives (and lots of negatives) at this, sometimes stormy, age.

Learning, reading, listening to mentors, seeing her blossom when doing the things she loves. These are all things that have lead us to know we can help other girls navigate this time too. Also being there for her in those stormy days where emotions are high & drama and upset seem insurmountable. We’ve been there ourselves (who doesn’t remember those years, right?!), we are still going through them with her and many close friends and we’ve supported others who have already gone through this too.

So. We have some potential solutions.

  1. You have heard enough and you are up for entering your teen into something that is a bit unknown but you feel is going to be fantastic. You can cancel anytime. Why not, the world has been turned upside down why not try something different. If she takes one thing from it then that is enough. CLICK HERE

  2. If you would prefer to find out a bit more about it then sign up for our webinar CLICK HERE Building Strong Women of the Future webinar on Thursday 28th at 7pm where we will be covering

  • 3 easy to use tips from our Know HOW framework to a healthy body and mind for teens and adults. 

  • Our FREE Healthy Habits PDF checklist

  • How to help your teen navigate the pressures of growing up in 2020

  • A bit more about us both, a few of our stories and reasons why we are doing this

  • Information about our new membership platform for parents and teens, you are not going to want to miss this! If you are already ready to jump in then click on the link

The HOW Membership involves weekly live digital sessions with the co-founders plus invited guests and experts. These are all recorded and stored on the online membership platform for members to use and look back on if the time zone is not user friendly or if you miss them.

Suitable for all teen girls over 11 years old (secondary school or entering secondary school in September). Please shoot any questions over to us

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