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Online Science Tutorials

This is Charlie Pan.

He is our nephew and a bit of an all round legend. In fact, he is the one who first described Bendylegs aged 3 years old and we have always had a deal to do business together one day.

Fast forward a few years and Charlie is now nearly a third year Medical Student in Newcastle.

Since lock down we have been doing some Science tutorials with him over Zoom. He is totally brilliant. Engaging, fun, interactive, full of knowledge and inspiring to any child/young scientist.

He has got a few lessons that he is now excited to be able to share with other people, not just us.

Tutorial Slots

11-12pm and 1-2pm on Weekdays (or other times if needed)

£10 for a one to one Zoom lesson and £15 for a group lesson with up to 3 people (if you can persuade a few friends to join in)

Payment taken via Paypal



  1. Digestive System

  2. Respiratory System

  3. Cardiovascular System

  4. Blood and circulation

Contact him directly for these and others can be arranged with enough warning.

He would LOVE to be able to reach and help as many kids develop their love for science as he can!

Testimonials from the trial session he ran last week

‘Charlie, that was brilliant. Thank you so much for giving up your time and imparting you’re knowledge. Absolutely brilliant for them and inspired them to go and find out more.’

‘Thank you Charlie! Katie loved it, said she learnt lots’

‘Feel lucky for our children to have had a different experience for their learning. It’s tough on them trying to be motivated to self learn so this definitely broke up their day.

You gave me an hour of peace me an hour of peace too which I am extremely grateful for’

‘Thank you Charlie. Dan really enjoyed it. Definitely helps break the day up.’

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