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The final boarding call

Today is the LAST day to sign up for the first HOW founders membership... doors close at 11.55pm TONIGHT until September.

This is an online digital membership platform, the first of its kind in the UK.

Our members will be part of a fun packed, interactive weekly live digital sessions, full of amazing role models, forward thinking content, and positive messages developed for teen girls (over 11).

On top of this there is free access to the back catalogue of HOW Inspire global monthly talks delivered by incredible inspirational GO getters! Once per month, there is a parents live chat, and anytime access to the parent portal which will be packed full of blogs, book reviews, advice from experts, and more.

Over the next 3 mths we will be offering sessions packed with subtly delivered self belief, positivity, tips, hacks & self esteem building gold, as well as introducing some great mentors and role models.

Two sessions per month will be run with our wonderful, approachable and experience freelance experts (One session with Jo Williams: Psychotherapist and Wellbeing expert, and one session with Abi Williamson: Positivity Engineer). The session at the beginning of the month is run by us Polly Crook & Dr Jo Watkins with an awesome role model popping in for a Q&A session. Then the last session is HOW inspire at the end of each month.

On top of this, for June we are showing a virtual family film with a panel of experts for a Q&A and much more!

It’s jam packed and we are very excited to get started!

This is going to evolve with our founding group and we’ll be testing, trying and throwing everything at it to try and introduce a combination of confidence building, positivity and fun.

It’s £15 a month fixed price for families for founding members for as long as you find it helpful. It’s a no brainier at £3.75 per week. Basically, a flat white per week to fill your daughters mind with utter gold!

No pressure, just don’t want anyone to miss out!

CLICK HERE to sign up

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