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What is it again?

You may know us personally but you may well not and wonder what this is all about so we thought sharing a few stories with you from people who have gone through our previous face to face offerings with the HOW Girls Pilot, and the HOW Inspire evening with us might help with a bit of background!

The plan was always to be able to deliver the HOW online membership, but we have been given a big old nudge to get that up and running a lot earlier that we planned due to the current goings on...

What is it you are doing again?

We get asked this all the time. With my medical background and passion for small business and Polly (other half of HOW not my mini Polly, it is confusing) being 10 years younger, with a background in sales and marketing for a big sports brand, people often wonder how all of this happened. There are many lovely stories about how our paths have been on destination collision for a long time despite growing up 200 miles apart and not being born in the same decade.

More on that another time...

On talking and reflecting with others we think the best analogy is probably an online teen youth club with an online magazine and a mentoring programme with coaching sessions thrown in… but we couldn’t come up with anything snappy to call that right now so we have started with… THE HOW MEMBERSHIP.

Our vision is to help and reach girls all over the country, and the world, with positivity and self belief to navigate the tricky teen path. We will deliver this with passion, energy and engaging with coaches, experts and young role models.

This will evolve, it is not set in stone.

We have SO many ideas as to how to deliver this but we have to start somewhere.

This is an unknown: a new, exciting concept.

Initially, our LIVE events in South Wales, UK: HOW Girls and HOW Inspire were totally unknown entities too.

Our first ever offering last summer in South Wales was HOW Girls a one off 6 wk course for girls aged 10-11 yrs, HOW Inspire began as live talks from influential role models to 60+ girls, of a slightly older age up to 16 yrs old which has now evolved into the digital world with an incredible line up of speakers and amazingly inspired attendees. The sessions we did in April were a huge success. We hope to offer these in person again soon!

But. The point is, people had to really trust us, and believe that we would deliver something valuable for their girls in a way no one had seen before locally. We will be forever grateful for these parents who believed in us.

It might be helpful to read some of the feedback from these courses.

Needless to say, we are super proud, and have totally loved it.

“The whole thing has been absolutely superb and she loved every minute of it."

Well organised course, with a clear structure. Good variety each week, each with a distinct purpose to build on confidence and resilience. My daughter would LOVE to do it again"

“Love the ethos and the provision. The ethos behind empowering the girls and giving them time with great role models

“The care that has gone into it made my daughter feel valued. She has loved it and doesn't want it to end. We love the values and ethos presented.”

Priceless!!! You literally cannot put a price on what you both have created for our girls and the fundamentals you have subtly instilled in them.”

Webinar 7pm Thursday with Jo and Polly

The HOW Membership is OPEN for booking. Monthly and annual options. All details via the link above.

Just as a recap here is exactly what we'll be covering in the webinar on Thursday, you might want your child to be there too but the content is meant for you as parents.

Here's what we will be covering in our Building Strong Women of the Future webinar to find out more on THURSDAY 7pm

• 3 easy to use tips from our Know HOW framework to a healthy body and mind for teens and adults.

• Our FREE Healthy Habits PDF checklist

• How to help your teen navigate the pressures of growing up in 2020

• A bit more about us both, a few of our stories and reasons why we are doing this

• Information about our new membership platform for parents and teens, you are not going to want to miss this!

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